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YOU are most probably here because you have a vision – a long weekend in an idyllic villa overlooking the Italian coastline, or maybe a green hilled vineyard. You dream of being surrounded by the people you choose to spend quality time with and share one of the most special moments in your life with. 

It might be an intimate wedding ceremony, a celebration of your love, a warm sunset aperitivo by the pool, followed by a candlelit dinner under the stars, accompanied with the best Italian food, wines and lots of laughter, oh, and there’s music and dancing too, lot’s of dancing! 
You’ll enjoy sun, sailing and cocktails by the pool, as long as you get to soak in ‘La Dolce Vita’ while you can! 

WE are here to make your vision come true! We guide and help you to create an Italian wedding weekend that feels like a luxury holiday in a boutique hotel, where every little detail is taken care of. A carefully curated and smoothly organised experience turned into a memory that will last a lifetime!





We believe life needs to be celebrated in as many ways as possible. Celebrating your wedding anniversary or have a big birthday coming up? From full event design, venue selection, catering, entertainment and the gift bags. We take the stress out of organising and create the  event that you've always dreamt of hosting, whether it's in the comfort of your home or a great villa overlooking the water. Unique and tailor-made concepts for private celebrations, business retreats and even hospitality events. With a excuisite details and curated easthetics, as well as outstanding event management your options are unlimited.

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PR Styling

''PR is not telling people you are good, it's having other people talk about how good you are''. The key to a successful brand? It's about  the identification of your ideal clients. Your target audience needs to feel connected with your brand which will make them want to buy your products and services. When they'll become your biggest fans they'll share and promote your brand organically. We help you create that connection and instant likability,  a strong brand identity, translated into a promotional shoot, a launch event or concept creation.




Tissy ter Reehorst

Lead Planner & Founder

One of my favorite quotes: People often won't remember what you've said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

My name is Tissy, I am International wedding planner in Italy, and a thirty something Dutch living in Italy with my Italian husband and our two little ones. I founded The Elite Group in 2015, when I was living in Dubai, out of my passion for hospitality and celebrating life with good food, a glass of bubbles and in great company. I love traveling and discovering new places, I have a strong visual and story telling mind and I need to stay creative to express myself.

I found love in Dubai, with an Italian, engineer from Puglia. After planning and designing our own dream wedding in a beautiful Masseria in Puglia, I discovered wedding planning was the missing piece to add to our services.

I have worked in hospitality from the age of 15y/o, next to my PR & Communications Studies. I worked from a cozy restaurant to fancy galas and ended up having renowned 5* hotels as clients in Dubai. I even worked as an airhostess for Emirates Airlines for a while. All of this experience has thaught me one important thing: connection is key for quality service.

That is why I am looking forward to getting to know you! Because I can only help you create your dream wedding or event if I get to know you better. If I can learn how you like to spend your time, what your favourites are and where your happy place is, only then I can truly connect with you and become your trusted friend and advisor. This will allow us to create something outstanding together - a life celebration that's all about you and the people you love the most!


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