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We know that a wedding is more than just a day of celebration. It is a unique love story between two individuals that decide to join their lives together, as one. Therefore we know that when it comes to planning and designing a wedding, the difference is in the details. We recreate your unique and personal love story in an elegant and creative way. So that it reflects who you are as a couple and what your love stands for. The small things that are important to you, are the ones we love to highlight the most!

With event planning experience gained in Amsterdam, Dubai & Italy we have a high-quality and intercultural perspective, which is highly appreciated by international couples and a must for destination weddings. Did we mention we speak English, Italian, Dutch and French? We make sure no one and nothing gets lost in translation!

“​​​We love the refinement and professionalism of your work. Big compliments for the passion you have put in, the eye for detail and for selecting only beautiful things. Good taste, refinement and passion, are qualities that few have in this industry and you are truly authentic, and above all you are real! “

S&S - June 2019

Getting to know you as a couple!

Our goal is to create an experience that is tailor-made and personally resonates, with who you are as a couple. We find it important to listen closely and to keep communications open and clear.  We will give you a structured overview of the planning process and the timeline of the day or weekend itself. This way we will leave nothing up to chance however, the celebration will feel relaxed and flows naturally. ​

From beginning to end we will add in personal moments and elements of surprise, things that resonate with you as a couple. Next to that we will help you make your vision into a full experience that will feel like a luxury holiday in a boutique hotel. Celebrating love and life with your loved ones. Let us make one of your most important days, the way you’ve always imagined it to be. A wedding dream come true, we promise it will be a memory that will last a lifetime!

Full planning design and management

From planning a timeline, finding the perfect wedding venue, creating a wedding design and light plan to finding the right wedding suppliers and execute the management on the wedding day. All to create a wedding day or wedding weekend that will be unforgettable.   

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We plan to let your dream wedding come to life. We always recommend a full wedding planning, wedding design and wedding management package. This is where we can take all the heavy lifting of your plate. To ensure everything will be taken care of till the smallest detail. All you have to do is enjoy the process and the excitement of choosing the options that speak most to you. It is a guarantee to both brining your wedding vision to life and to have a stress free time wedding planning. And most importantly, to being totally relaxed on your wedding day. All you need to do is say YES and enjoy the party aftewards!

Designing your dream wedding, is something we take seriously and also seriously enjoy. We start with putting together your vision into your very own wedding vision board. We take pride in our creative design skills and are putting your character and your style in careful consideration when creating your wedding design. As lighting is key to set the right atmosphere we also create a detailed light plan to ensure the magical touch that will light up your evening.

Management of your day. When we have planned and designed your wedding so carefully we want to be there for you on the big day. Firstly to support you from start to finish and secondly to make sure everything falls into place. You’d be surprised how many logistics and arrangements need to be taken care of prior and on the day itself. It is more often than not a full wedding production. You, the wedding couple, will be busy being the stars of the hour. Your wedding venue will only take care of the basic set-up and make sure food and drinks will be served. That’s why we come into place, to make sure everything and everyone is delivered, set-up and running smoothly and on time throughout the day. And if something unexpected will show up, we will make sure to take care of it for you, most times you wouldn’t even notice. We will take care of you, your wedding guests and the suppliers (florist, furnitures, venue, lights & sound, the band, the wedding decorations, cake, firework etc.). Don’t worry, we’ve got you!


Elopements and Romantic Escapes

Sometimes the only one you need is the one that has been right by your side all along. A beautiful way to celebrate your love and get married is an Elopement. A modern day elopement is a small and intimate wedding experience, which allows more focus on the commitment between the couple.  

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Wedding elopments are a great (getta)way to have a beautiful and intimate ceremony, including the stunning location and ditto pictures. Only with a few very important attendants, such as testimonies and direct family. You are able to truly spend quality time together with your loved ones. Plus you can always have that BIG wedding party later down the line at any convenient time and location. We help you plan the perfect romantic escape that creates a magical intimate experience, so you will be able to share your wedding elopment story for the rest of your lives. 

Planning, design and management, much like a full wedding planning package we can take care of your elopement from A to Z. From finding the right venue for your ceremony as well as accomodation for your and your wedding party to stay. We design a romantic setting in either a religious ceremony or a symbolic or civil ceremony. Afterwards there is time to celebrate and enjoy in a intimate setting, a smaller group doesn’t mean you have to compromise on an elegant celebration in style. After all it’s your love we are celebrating!


Wedding Locations and Venues

Finding the perfect wedding venue is a very important part of your wedding planning process especially if you are planning a destination wedding. We make it easier for you as we have our little black book, a curated list of best wedding locations and wedding venues in Italy, Dubai and the Netherlands as well as some other European destinations.


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Selecting your wedding location. To find the right wedding location we first look at which country and area of that country, you feel most connected too. let’s take Italy for example, Are you more leaning towards a blue ocean and white sandy beach wedding in Puglia, or a green vinyard wedding in the Tuscan hills? Or are you all for a jetsetting yacht party in Portofino or the Amalfi coast?

Choosing the best wedding venue, is the next step. We have already worked with some locations before, or know some wedding venues that come highly recommended. We don’t always list the most popular venues as we always prefer quality and quantity over commercial. We test for you or together with you, not only if the venue has the right atmosphere and the food tastes good, but more importantly the right feeling with the personnel from the owner to the personnel and the chef. We create warm relationships that are lasting and will make you feel welcome and celebrated.

Looking for only that one perfect wedding venue. Some couples come to us for only our little black book of selected wedding venues that and accomodation for their guests that are coming from outside. Or perhaps even a venue that has both. Altough we always recommend getting the full wedding planning service we do make exceptions to help you find that dream wedding venue at the perfect location. Ask us for the options.

Wedding planning consultancy

Let’s be honest, planning your wedding these days is not an easy task and can be underestimated by many couples. Especially this year has been extra challenging for couples who started their wedding planning journey well on their own. But after all the changes and restrictions and perhaps even a postponement or two… It feels like you’re about to give up. Sounds familiar?… How about calling a lifeline?… 

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Call in an expert to ask for wedding planning advice.  An expert that can help you get unstuck or you can run those questions by you can’t seem to get the right answer to.

The answer to all your burning planning questions is: our consultancy services! In case you do not want a planner taking over completely but you could just use some wedding planning advice and tips on topics like:

~ Will my wedding happen next year?
~ What contracts do I need to sign?
~ Am I covered in case I need to postpone?
~ What are important things to spend on and to save on?
~ Do we need a separate bar package?
~ Do we need transportation between venues?
~ What if peonies are not in season on my wedding day?
~ Does this design gets me published in a magazine? 😉
~ Is pastel pink with gold tones a dress code I can apply?
~ …any other question that seems too crazy to ask.

Now you can ask them to a professional without the full wedding planning package. If you still feel like you can do this alone, which in some cases you can, with a little help. We are just a phone call away!


Pricelist Consultancy

Pricelist for Consultancy.

Consultancy service exist of a direct call or a video call in which you can ask your questions. A complimentary introduction via mail or call is always done before the first consultancy call. 

Consultancy packages start at:

  • €225 for 3x 30 min. call
  • €450 for 3x 60 min. call
  • €750 for 5x 60 min. call
  • €175 for 60 min. follow up call

*Single hours can only be booked as a follow up call. In case calls run longer than planned you can add on another hour for the same rate.