Recap Milan Design Week 24 : PRECIOSA VIP Cocktail Event

As Milan Design Week 2024 unfolded, we were honored to partner with the esteemed Czech luxury crystal lighting brand, PRECIOSA Lighting, for another unforgettable event. From the dazzling Crystal Beat II installation to the prestigious VIP cocktail party, our collaboration brought together industry leaders, media representatives, and friends of the brand from around the globe.

Setting the Stage: The PRECIOSA Showcase

At Milan's Tortona district, the Crystal Beat II installation stood as a testament to retro aesthetics, inspired by the PIXEL and the early gaming universe. As the official event partner, our task was to seamlessly integrate the essence of this installation into our VIP cocktail event at CERA Milano restaurant and bar.

Bringing the Vision to Life: Design and Execution

Transforming the event space into a vibrant homage to Crystal Beat II was a great creativity challenge. We repurposed the installation's iconic pixel-cubes, adorning the entrance and tables with colorful floral compositions. Mirrored installations, multi-colored spotlights, and 90s-inspired decor set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Personalized Touches: From Cocktails to Music

Our bartenders crafted welcome cocktails that echoed the colors of the installation, while mini light cube compositions added personalized flair to each table. DJ Angelo Vicari curated a playlist that perfectly complemented the vibe of Crystal Beat II, creating a dynamic and energetic atmosphere throughout the night.

A Memorable Experience: Highlights and Reflections

After months of meticulous planning and execution, the PRECIOSA VIP Cocktail event was a resounding success. As we look back on the evening's brightest moments, we're grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with PRECIOSA Lighting once again. Here's to future projects and more unforgettable experiences at Milan Design Week!


As we bid farewell to Milan Design Week 2024, we're already eagerly anticipating the opportunities that lie ahead. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations with PRECIOSA Lighting, and be sure to explore more photo's of our previous Milan Design Week Events go to our portfolio and select "Brand Events". 

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