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Whether it is a private event, a corporate event or brand launch we create unique and tailor-made events from start to finish.  From a full service event concept to venue design, themed catering, and activities like cocktail workshops and wine & oyster tastings. The Elite Group has an extended database to communicate your events and venues to get the buzz out. Would you like to host a unique (VIP) experience? The Elite group has the right movers and shakers to create events that will capture your guests attention and get them to talk about your events for long after. We are going after that “WOW” effect every time!

With event planning experience gained in Amsterdam, Dubai & Italy we have a high-quality and intercultural perspective, which is highly appreciated by international clients.


”The Elite Group provides high-end service and they understand exactly what our clients need”

– F&B Director Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach


”Excellent service provided at the Waldorf Astoria Gala dinner; perfection, care, attention, symphaty and professionalism. Fantastic!”

– F&B Director Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah


”We had a successful dinner event, and the team has been of great value”

– Private Client, Emirates Golf Club Dubai


”It is great to see how The Elite Group interacts with our guests, and enjoys what they’re doing”

– Executive Chef Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Getting to know our guests!

Our goal is to create an experience that is tailor-made and personally resonates, with you and your guests. We find it important to listen closely and to keep communications open and clear.  We will give you a structured overview of the planning process and the timeline of the day or evening itself. This way we will leave nothing up to chance however, the celebration will feel relaxed and flows naturally. ​

From beginning to end we will add in personal moments and elements of surprise. Next to that we will help you make your vision into a full experience that will feel like a luxury day or night in a boutique hotel or high-end venue. Celebrating life with your guests. Let us make your vision come to life and exceed expectations. We promise it will be a memory that will last a lifetime!

Private Events and Celebrations

What is the key to a successful event? It’s your guests talking about it for long after. How do we achieve this? We make sure that the creative design and entertainment create that Wow-effect, and at the same time match the quality level of the food and beverage, the overall service and management of the event. Because we know one can not make up for the other and the difference is in the details. 


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Private celebrations, a reason to celebrate life with loved ones, however big or small, should at all times feel personal and represent you. Either at the convenience of your home or we find a great location where you can host your special event. We will help you create a theme and design for the type of celebration you are having. We find the right suppliers from decorations, flowers, catering, entertainment and party favours. All you need to do is show up and look fabulous.

Examples of private events we cover: anniversary, big birthdays, baby and bridal showers, regilious rituals and celebrations.

Corporate Events & Retreats

Corporate events do not have to be as boring as they sound! As a matter a fact it’s a time where a companies team can bond, create a stronger sense of team spirit and can just let off some steam of the busy day to day worklife. Maybe your company is celebrating an achievement or you are doing a yearly annual party to reward your team for their hard work. 

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We create events that are a perfect balance between entertaining and still with company spirit. How about a themed event complete with dinner and entertainment. Ot a cruise on a yacht for a sunny day at sea? We also organise retreats or training weekends. A weekend in the tuscan hills for wine tasting and active workshop. The possibilities are endless and we are happy to think along!

Hospitality Concepts

With over a decade of creative experience for international events and hospitality services we bring together a team of professionals that have the know how and more importantly the passion to create those unforgettable moments for your guests. To create the wow-factor that turns heads and creates a buzz in realtime and online. We love to think along and out of the box. Because we know what is important to your is to create that personal connection, that hospitable atmosphere and to make them come back for more. 

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Culinary entertainment. we have created the every attractive culinary entertainment concepts that are interactive and entertaining for your guests. As well as adding luxury service and personality to your events and venue. With options as live oyster shucking, caviar serving, champagne and cigars. The culinary entertainment service tickles all 5 senses!

Concepts and promotions, from ladies night concepts to gift suites and influencer events. We know the right movers and shakers to create a buzz around your events and venue. From opening night to a recurring weekly themed evening. Let us help you create the concepts that speak to your ideal clients and leave them wanting more.


Event planning consultancy

Sometimes you are well on your way but you could use and extra pair of eyes, ears and hands to help you launch that great idea, create that perfect event. Just like our wedding planning consultancy we offer even planning consultancy in packages of a couple of consultancy calls to help you get unstuck and end up with the best results.

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Call in an expert to ask for wedding planning advice. An expert that can help you get unstuck or you can run those questions by you can’t seem to get the right answer to.

The answer to all your burning event planning questions is: our consultancy services! In case you do not want a planner taking over completely but you could just use some event planning advice and tips on topics like:

– What are attractive event concepts/ideas?
~ What suppliers do I need to find?
~ What are good catering options/packages for my events?
~ What are important things to spend on and to save on?
~ Do we need a separate bar package?
~ Do we need transportation/entertainment/special options?
~ What type of decorations and flowers are in season?
~ Does this design gets me published online? 
~ What are ideas on themes, dress codes?
~ Any other question that seems too crazy to ask.

Now you can ask them to a professional without the full wedding planning package. If you still feel like you can do this alone, which in some cases you can, with a little help. We are just a phone call away!

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Pricelist for Consultancy.

Consultancy service exist of a direct call or a video call in which you can ask your questions. A complimentary introduction via mail or call is always done before the first consultancy call. 

Consultancy packages start at:

  • €245 for 3x 30 min. call
  • €470 for 3x 60 min. call
  • €770 for 5x 60 min. call
  • €195 for 60 min. follow up call

*Single hours can only be booked as a follow up call. In case calls run longer than planned you can add on another hour for the same rate.