Pop the bubbles! You are taking your wedding abroad. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when choosing your wedding destination and wedding location.
You and your fiancé have decided on taking your wedding abroad. After seeing beautiful images of dreamy destination weddings on either Instagram, Pinterest. Or after attending a destination wedding of one of your friends or colleagues. Before you start booking your ticket to Paris or Ibiza, there are some things to keep in mind before deciding on your dream wedding destination.

1. Do we know we love it?

This may sound obvious however, pay attention to the word KNOW. Just because you’ve seen a beautiful image of newlyweds in front of the Eiffel Tower doesn’t mean you should head straight for a wedding in Paris. Have you actually been there? Do you know a bit about the city, it’s venues, the food and the culture/customs? If so than great! If not, try to think of a place that might be more close to your heart. Maybe your first holiday together was under the Tuscan sun or a Romantic weekend in Rome? That doesn’t mean you have to get married at a place you’ve been before, however it might mean that a wedding in Italy might be a better fit in this case.

Choose a wedding destination you’ve been before and you know you love the atmosphere, the food, and the culture.

Wedding dinner table set up wedding in Tuscany, Italy

2. Does it have easy travel access?

Imagine you have to fly 10+ hours to your wedding destination, then get in a car to drive a couple of hours to arrive at a harbour to take a boat to a beautiful picturesque island in the ocean of nowhere. Chances are by then both you and your guests are over traveled, and perhaps jet-legged, and don’t really see the beauty of the location anymore. Unless you have enough time for you and your guests to recover before the wedding, and your wedding location is absolutely unique, unforgettable and the only one in the world, you might want to review alternative options. Also, keep in mind that the further away the destination, the less likely it is you could visit more than once. To do some wedding venue visits with your wedding planner and meet with your wedding vendors.

Choose a wedding destination that is not too far and easy to reach for both you and your guests comfort.

Sea view wedding venue Puglia, Italy

3. Is it stunning but not overrated?

If having a Boho wedding in Ibiza, or a beach wedding in Hawaii is on your list, we are not saying you shouldn’t go for it, if that’s the dream. However, will you be open to look into options that are just as beautiful (if not better) which might seem less popular, but are in fact getting more and more discovered? This also goes for the wedding location or venue itself. We all have pinned or saved at least one photo of Castel Monastero or La Badia di Orvieto (oh yes both in Italy). But, there are many wedding locations that are just as stunning and perhaps, dare we even say, a little less overrated.

cc: Masseria Grieco Wedding location in Puglia, Italy

4. Does it realistically fits our budget?

If you have been on the #weddinginspiration bandwagon on Pinterest or Instagram yet, you might have passed Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe (Herd)’s Positano wedding or, Chrissy Teigen and John Legends (or fill in the blanks) Vogue, Lake Como wedding. As you might have guessed: popular destinations come with a big wedding budget. So, unless you can spend big like the rich and famous (please do give us a call), the good news is: there’s a lot of nearby beautiful wedding locations, especially in Italy, that are just as dreamy and luxurious however more suitable for your own #weddinggoals.

We all love a wedding in Positano, Como or Portofino and maybe that’s what you want, but they come with a budget. The good news: there are loads of beautiful alternatives to find your dream wedding location within your budget.

Portofino wedding venue view

5. Does it match our style and atmosphere?

By now, you might have spent hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest #bestweddingever. Also your cousin just got married on a cliff in Ibiza, overlooking the ocean. Ofcourse you don’t want less than that! Let’s take a moment to consider what your style is first. Do you love hiking and wine tasting in the country side? Then maybe you are not as “boho chic” as you think! A vineyard wedding in Tuscany sounds much more like you. Is your wedding dress more Italian romance than Rockstar bride? Then a Masseria wedding in Puglia fits you more than say, a festival wedding. Believe it or not, your wedding location needs to match your style. Before you go down the rabbit hole, ask yourself: what is our style? Your wedding planner is usually very good at asking you the right questions to discover your style. From where you like to spend your free time to how you decorate your house. Together you will find that perfect wedding location.

Don’t be too influenced by what you see others doing. Don’t forget your wedding needs to reflect your style as a couple and it all starts with finding the right wedding location. If you have no clue where to start: ask your wedding planner!

5* luxury boutique hotel in Puglia

If you could use some help with finding the right destination and wedding location for your dream wedding, we are here to help! Have a look here for some more information about how we can best assist you. Or if you are ready to chat with us, schedule a complimentary introduction call through here.